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National EFH Summit Presentations

Day 1: Where are we now?

Regional EFH Roundtable

Session purpose: Share highlights of regional approaches to identifying Essential Fish Habitat (EFH) and Habitat Areas of Particular Concern (HAPC). (Note: PPT optional; please see Regional EFH Profiles for more information.)

New England • Michelle Bachman, NEFMC
Mid-Atlantic • Jessica Coakley, MAFMC
South Atlantic • Roger Pugliese, SAFMC
Atlantic HMS • Jennifer Cudney, NMFS/OSF
Gulf of Mexico • Claire Roberts, GMFMC
Caribbean • Graciela Garcia-Moliner, CFMC
North Pacific • Steve MacLean, NPFMC
Western Pacific • Becky Walker, WPRFMC
Pacific • John Stadler, NMFS WCR

Translating habitat science

Session purpose: Share regional perspectives on the process of translating habitat science into fishery management decisions, focusing on minimizing adverse impacts, defining practicability, and evaluating effectiveness.

The science and process behind habitat management areas in New England
Michelle Bachman, NEFMC and David Stevenson, NMFS/GAR

Habitat science in Alaska: It starts with a plan
Matt Eagleton, NMFS/AR, John Olson, NMFS/AR, and Chris Rooper, NMFS/AFSC

A comprehensive strategy to identify and conserve Pacific Coast Groundfish EFH: Has it succeeded?
Waldo Wakefield, NMFS/NWFSC and John Stadler, NMFS/WCR

Day 2: EFH Authorities in a changing environment

Advances in habitat science to support EFH

Session purpose: Explore advances and innovations in research methods and tools to support the implementation of EFH authorities.

Advances in habitat science to support EFH
Stephen Brown, NMFS/OST (with Kirsten Larsen, NMFS/OST and Tony Marshak, NMFS/OST)

Ecosystem modeling for habitat management
Howard Townsend, NMFS/OHC

Nowcasting seascape dynamics to better estimate past and future species-habitat distribution
John Manderson, NMFS/NEFSC

Prioritizing habitat across ontogeny and species
Richard Appeldoorn, University of Puerto Rico; CFMC SSC

Monitoring, modeling, and mapping demersal communities in untrawlable habitats
Mary Yoklavich, NMFS/SWFSC

Habitat partnerships

Session purpose: Explore examples of partnerships for research, information sharing, and coordination that support the effective implementation of EFH authorities.

NOAA Fisheries authority under the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act
Gerry Davis, NMFS/PIR

South Atlantic Fishery Management Council, NOAA Fisheries Southeast Regional Office – Habitat Conservation Division and Navy partnership example
Pace Wilber, NMFS/SER (with Roger Pugliese, SAFMC)

Building relationships for effective EFH consultations
Lou Chiarella, NMFS/GAR

Northeast wind energy area benthic habitat investigation and Hudson Canyons habitat study
Vince Guida, NMFS/NEFSC

Regional EFH Coordinators • Emerging issues

Session purpose: Explore opportunities for effective communication related to EFH consultations, with a focus on emerging issues.

Pacific Islands Region • Offshore activities
Danielle Jayewardene, NMFS/PIR

Greater Atlantic Region • Hurricane Sandy
Karen Greene, NMFS/GAR

Alaska Region • Council involvement
Matt Eagleton, NMFS/AR

West Coast Region • Acoustic impacts
John Stadler, NMFS/WCR

Southeast Region
Liquid natural gas, sediment diversion, invasive species
David Dale, NMFS/SER

EFH consultations and agency-council communication

Session purpose: Explore opportunities for effective agency-council and cross-regional communication related to EFH consultations.

EFH consultations with NOAA Fisheries
Karen Greene, NMFS/GAR

South Atlantic habitat policies
Pace Wilber, NMFS/SER (with Roger Pugliese, SAFMC)

Mid-Atlantic habitat policies
Jessica Coakley, MAFMC

Alaska Region
Matt Eagleton, NMFS/AR (with Jeanne Hanson, NMFS/AR)

Day 3: Looking Ahead

EFH authorities and ecosystem-based fisheries management

Session purpose: Explore opportunities for EFH authorities to complement and support ecosystem-based fisheries management initiatives and principles.

Habitat indicators for the California Current Integrated Ecosystem Assessment
Correigh Greene, NMFS/NWFSC

Ecosystem-based fisheries management and Essential Fish Habitat nexus
Karen Abrams, NMFS/OSF