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Learning, evaluating, and planning

2018 Forum • October 15-16, 2018 • Monterey, CA

Join us for our 16th and final Forum!

The Fisheries Forum invites members and staff of the eight regional fishery management councils to join us for a two-day forum to explore the topics of learning, evaluating performance, and planning within the council process.

The forums are a long-running series of meetings that offer fishery managers a venue to discuss challenges, innovations, and success stories, build their leadership skills, and enhance their understanding of fisheries science and policy. The 2018 Forum is open to all currently serving council members and council staff with an interest in building their professional networks and sharing information between management regions. Travel scholarships are available to cover airfare and hotel expenses.

The 2018 Forum will be the 16th forum hosted by the Fisheries Leadership & Sustainability Forum. We’re excited to host our final forum and celebrate a decade of supporting and collaborating with the federal fisheries management community. This meeting is funded through support from the regional fishery management councils in partnership with NOAA Fisheries, and by the Walton Family Foundation and the David and Lucile Packard Foundation.

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Potential Forum objectives

The 2018 Forum will explore a range of topics related to learning from experience, evaluating the performance of management programs, and planning for the future. We encourage you to share your ideas! Please contact us to suggest additional topics, questions, and examples or case studies that may be valuable to discuss at the Forum.

  • Explore strategies and approaches for evaluating program performance, learning from experience, and identifying lessons learned and best practices (e.g., through approaches such as IFQ reviews and program reviews).

  • Consider the role of goals, objectives, and performance metrics in evaluating the performance and progress of management strategies, and the approaches councils have taken (or could take) to establish this guidance.

  • Reflect on the opportunities and challenges of engaging in visioning, strategic planning, and long-term strategy development, and pathways for engaging in long-term planning within the council process.

About the forums

This section includes additional information about the forums and answers to frequently asked questions. Please visit our Forums page to view past forum topics and to access materials including meeting agendas, presentations, videos, and summaries. Please visit Our Work to learn more about the Fisheries Forum’s mission and portfolio of projects and services, and About Us to contact our staff.

What is the purpose of the forums? How are the agendas developed?

The forums help support an effective council process by providing fishery managers with an opportunity to discuss shared challenges, innovations, and successes. In addition, they provide managers with a unique opportunity to meet colleagues from other regions, share their own experiences, and learn about the work of other councils. The forums foster “discussion for the sake of discussion” and provide a venue for fishery managers to explore challenging topics outside of a decision-making context. The topic, objectives, and agenda for each forum are developed with input from the federal fisheries management community.

The forums are first and foremost an opportunity for discussion among colleagues. The Forum agenda includes facilitated small and large group discussions, and a limited number of presentations designed to share regional experiences and encourage discussion.

Who is able to participate in the forums?

The forums are open to all currently serving regional fishery management council members, including voting and non-voting members. We also welcome outgoing council members who are completing their terms this summer, as well as newly appointed council members. The forums are also open to council executive directors and staff.

Additional participants may include invited experts representing NOAA Fisheries, council advisory bodies, the scientific community, and other perspectives. Our capacity is limited. Forums typically include around 40 participants representing most or all of the eight council regions.