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Our Work

Connecting the federal fisheries management community

The Fisheries Forum works directly with the eight regional fishery management councils, NOAA Fisheries, and other management partners to support the federal fisheries management process. Our staff specialize in leading and supporting creative conversations to help fishery managers share experience and make progress on challenging issues. Our work empowers the fisheries management community to advance their work in five key ways.

  • Connect. We create communities of practice, pathways for sharing ideas and knowledge across regions, and a culture of collaboration.

  • Facilitate. We facilitate conversation and create a safe space for dialogue and conflict resolution, helping fishery managers problem-solve and move new ideas forward.

  • Innovate. We serve as a think tank that can help fishery managers explore new ideas, and bridge the gap from concept to implementation.

  • Learn. We provide opportunities for fishery managers to increase their knowledge of fisheries science, law, policy, and management approaches.

  • Lead. We help fishery managers build their skillset, expand their professional networks, and cultivate their personal brand of leadership.


Projects and services

The Fisheries Forum provides expert convening, facilitation, and research services on a wide range of fisheries science and management topics. Our work includes forums, council support, and collaborations and special projects.