Katie Latanich

FLSF Program Manager at Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions at Duke University
(252) 504-7642

Katie LatanichAs a member of the Fisheries Forum
staff, Katie is committed to supporting sustainable fisheries and fishing
communities, and demonstrating the value of lifelong environmental education. 
Katie received a joint B.A. in
Environmental Science and Policy and Political Science from Duke University,
and completed her Master's degree in Coastal Environmental Management at Duke's
Nicholas School of the Environment. As a graduate student at Duke, Katie
studied fisheries policy and interned with the Cape Cod Commercial Hook
Fishermen's Association in Chatham, MA. 
Prior to joining the Nicholas Institute in 2009, Katie worked with the North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries as a port sampler and liaison to the recreational and for-hire fishing communities. Katie is located at the Duke Marine Lab
in Beaufort, North Carolina and is an avid fisherman, kayaker and scuba diver. Katie is also a 
trained Environmental Educator certified through the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources.