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EFH Summit final agenda and materials

Resource Collections

Explore topic-based collections. Find relevant resources.

Resource collections are small, topic-specific libraries that compile resources and regional examples related to focused questions, management tools, and shared mandates and challenges.

Regional Management Resource Collection - Learn more about regional approaches found throughout the U.S.



Management Strategy Evaluation Resource Collection - Explore a compilation of national and international MSE examples.


Co-Management and Cooperative Research Resource Collection - Search through a curated collection of resources on co-management and cooperative research.


Coming soon! Communication and Outreach Resource Collection - Explore regional communication methods and outreach tools councils use to reach their stakeholders.

Recent Collaborations

The Fisheries Forum engages in a broad range of collaborations with NOAA Fisheries, councils, and organizations to explore cutting-edge topics in fisheries science and policy.

National Essential Fish Habitat Summit

May 17-19, 2016 • Annapolis, MD 

Final agenda and materials now available! 

The National EFH Summit will convene council and NOAA fisheries habitat experts to identify challenges, opportunities, and successful approaches for the effective implementation and use of MSA habitat authorities.

Inshore Atlantic Sea Scallop Fishing Workshop

The New England Fishery Management Council is hosting a workshop to explore concerns about inshore scallop fishing and will support constructive and open dialogue between all users of the resource, scientific experts and fishery managers.

Summer Flounder Fishery Goals and Objectives

The Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council and Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission examined current management goals and objectives at a joint Council/Board workshop.

Contribute to Resource Collections

Are you interested to share your council's work, or learn how your colleagues are approaching a shared management challenge or question?

The Fisheries Forum develops resource collections to support targeted explorations of fisheries science, management and policy topics. Contact us If you are interested to learn more.