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Recent work: Fall 2015

Communities of Interest

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Browse or search topic-based communities to track the latest developments in fisheries science and policy. Learn more about communities...

Management strategies - Learn more about strategies for identifying, implementing, and achieving management goals. 

Magnuson Act and Council Process Learn more about the legal and procedural aspects of the Magnuson-Stevens Act and the council process, and explore the National Standards.

Ecosystem-based management - Learn more about the integration of ecosystem-based management principles, and topics that include habitat, climate change, and forage.

Catch limits and stock assessments
 - Learn more about regional processes for setting annual catch limits and accountability measures, and accounting for risk and uncertainty.

Social and economic dimensions 
- Learn more about the sociocultural and economic dimensions of fisheries, and the integration of social science into decision-making.

Data collection and monitoring 
- Learn more about fishery-dependent data collection, including goals, technology, and tradeoffs between cost, timeliness, and resolution.

Communication and engagement - Learn more about the steps councils are taking to support stakeholder engagement, communication, and long-term planning.