East Coast Forum 2011

The Fisheries Forum welcomed sixteen council members to the Duke Marine Lab in Beaufort, North Carolina May 10-13 for the 2011 East Coast Fisheries Forum. This group of participants, representing seven of the eight council regions, included a diverse mix of appointed council members, state and agency representative designees, and non-voting council members.

The East Coast Forum, our sixth semi-annual forum, focused on data collection and monitoring, with an emphasis on catch accounting. Catch accounting is an ongoing challenge for all of the regional councils, and is a particularly timely topic as councils comply with the requirement to set annual catch limits and accountability measures by the end of this year. Forum participants explored data collection needs and strategies for commercial and recreational fisheries, and heard from some of the leading experts in data collection technology, design and analysis. Our invited speakers included leaders in the design and application of catch accounting strategies, from state and federal agencies, the private sector, academia, and enforcement. Forum participants were eager to discuss catch accounting challenges and opportunities, and hear perspectives from other council regions.