About Us

Mission Statement

Effective fishery management harmonizes society's needs for ocean conservation, jobs, and healthy coastal economies.

To help current and future leaders achieve this goal, the Forum will:

  • Build leadership and problem-solving skills
  • Increase understanding of fisheries and ocean science, economics and policy
  • Help decision makers learn from successes and challenges in other regions
  • Offer ongoing tools, experts and professional networking to assist participants in their work

About the Partnership

The Fisheries Leadership & Sustainability Forum (FLSF) is a partnership among four of the nation's leading academic and policy institutions:

The FLSF provides professional development, continuing education, and networking opportunities for members of the regional fishery management councils through semiannual forums, regional workshops, and an ongoing support program.

The goal is to help council members enhance their understanding of the science, economics and policies integral to fisheries management. The FLSF encourage the exchange of ideas and expanding knowledge on key fishery management topics.

We serve as a neutral party that does not advocate for any one fisheries management option or plan or support or oppose actions taken by the regional councils.